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Private Pilot License (PPL)

Join 0.2% of the population and earn your PPL.  Flying allows you to experience nature with spectacular views as well as travel for business and pleasure in less time and while avoid crowds and traffic. 

Multi-Engine Rating

Having a multi-engine rating allows you to fly bigger and faster planes.  Two engines also provide an unparalleled level of safety when flying over high terrain and water.  

FAA Pinch Hitter Program

The FAA recently created this program to help passengers be better prepared in case their pilot becomes incapacitated.  You'll learn about your airplane, radio communciations and most importantly, how to SAFELY land the plane.

Instrument Rating

Be able to handle the clouds by earning your instrument rating.  The ability to safely fly in the clouds increases your safety and greatly increases the number of days you'll be able to take to the skies.

Biannual Flight Review

Staying proficient and current is part of being a pilot and every 2 years all pilots need to complete a flight review.  We'll work with your schedule and flying habits to ensure you're legal and safe.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of flight!  Discovery flights are a unique and exciting gift for anyone interested in aviation.  

Commercial License

Thinking of a career as a pilot?  You'll need to earn your commercial license in order to do so.  Being a commercially licensed pilot allows you to fly cargo, skydivers, and passengers .

Instrument Proficiency Check

The FAA mandates pilots stay instrument current within 6 months or complete an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).  We customize IPC's to your type of flying to ensure you are both legal and safe.

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