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Pinch-Hitter Course

This program is specifically designed for NON-PILOTS to feel capable of safely landing an airplane should an unforeseen emergency occur where the pilot is incapacitated.

In order to be the most beneficial, this course will take place in the airplane you usually fly in.

What topics are covered?

  • Basic aircraft control​

    • fly safely to the nearest airport​

  • Radio communications to declare an emergency

  • Basic aircraft systems

    • Landing gear operation (if retractable gear)

    • Radios

    • Engine operation

    • Other essential systems

  • Safe Landings

    • Hard surface and off-airport (i.e. grass fields)​

    • Determining appropriate locations

Who should take the pinch-hitter course?

  • Anyone who regularly flies as a passenger and wants the added security of knowing that should a terrible situation arise, they are able to safely land the plane

How long is the course?

  • Entirely up to you.  There are no FAA minimums for the pinch-hitter course so we will cover as much, as often, as needed for you to feel comfortable and proficient.

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