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IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)

FAR 61.57(D) details the procedure for an IPC.  We focus an IPC to the type of flying you normally do and the airplane you normally fly, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the IPC.  By the end of the process, you will be IFR current, proficient, and safe.

What is required for an IPC?

  • ATC & IFR clearance review

  • IFR flying (foggles or actual IMC)

  • Navigation systems of your airplane

  • Instrument Approach Procedures (both precision and non-precision)

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Postflight procedures

What are currency requirements?

61.57(c) defines currency as, within the previous 6 months, having

  • 6 instrument approaches

  • 1 holding procedure

  • Intercepting and tracking a course using navigational electronic systems

Can you fail an IPC?

  • NO!  There is no such thing as failing an IPC.  If there are skills that require additional training, we will do so until you can satisfactorily accomplish the required skills and feel safe and confident in your ability..

Is there a written test?

  • NO!  The ground portion is a verbal discussion between the two of us.  You are allowed to use all of your reference materials.

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