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Biannual Flight Review

FAR 61.56 requires a biennial flight review "since the beginning of the 24th calendar month before the month in which that pilot acts as pilot in command".  

What is required for a flight review?

  • 1 hour of ground review

  • 1 hour of flight review

What are the benefits of a flight review?

  • First and foremost, they are legally required!

  • Keep current on regulations and current issues affecting pilots

  • Ensure proficiency of flight maneuvers

  • Get a second set of eyes to examine your flying techniques

Can you fail a flight review?

  • NO!  The flight review is not a test.  If there are skills that require extra training, we will conduct the training until you can satisfactorily accomplish the skills and earn your BFR.

Is there a written test?

  • NO!  The ground portion is a verbal discussion between the two of us.  You are allowed to use all of your reference materials.

What topics are covered in the ground portion?

  • The ground portion is designed around the type of flying you do.  This makes it the most beneficial to you as pilot in command.

  • Typical areas covered include:​​

    • Flying for compensation / "holding out"​

    • Flight planning, weather briefings, filing flight plans, weight and balance

    • Risk Management

    • Emergency procedures

    • Unusual attitude recovery

    • VMC to IMC

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