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Commercial License

Whether your goal is to be a full-time or part-time pilot, you will need to earn your commercial license.  A commercial license gives you the ability to get paid for being a pilot. 


Here are some of the pilot jobs available:

  • Skydive pilot

  • Crop-dusting pilot

  • Cargo delivery

  • Ferry pilot (moving airplanes from one location to another)

  • Aerial photography pilot

Get paid and build your flight time at the same time!

Who can be a commercial pilot?

  • 18 years of age 

  • Read, write, speak, and understand English

  • Obtain a 3rd class medical license from an Approved Medical Examiner (AME)

  • 250 flight hours

    • 100 hours in a powered aircraft (50 hours must be in airplanes)​

    • 100 hours PIC (Pilot In Command)

      • 50 hours in airplanes​

      • 50 hours cross country (10 in airplanes)

      • 20 hours of commercial pilot training

How much training is required?

  • 20 hours of training consisting of:

    • 10 hours of instrument training​

    • 10 hours in a TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft)

    • 1 2-hour daytime flight over 100nm

    • 1 2-hour nighttime flight over 100nm

    • 3 hours within 2 months of your practical test

  • 10 hours of solo training consisting of:​

    • 1  300nm flight with 3 stops, one stop 250nm from start point​

    • 5 hours nighttime training with 10 takeoffs and landings at an airport with a control tower

Is there a written test?

  • Yes.  You will need to take a written test.  The test is on a computer, is multiple-choice (A, B, C) with a minimum passing score fo 70%, and you receive the results immediately after completing the test. 

  • Your flight instructor's authorization is required to take the written test.

What is a TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft)?

  • A Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) is defined by FAA 61.129(J)

    • electronic PFD​

      • airspeed​

      • turn coordinator

      • attitude indicator

      • heading indictor

      • altimeter

      • vertical speed indicator

    • electronic MFD

      • moving map with GPS​

    • 2-axis autopilot​

Is 4166L a TAA?

  • ABSOLUTELY!  A great benefit of our aircraft is knowing you can earn your private, instrument, and commercial licenses in the same airplane!  You won't need to switch between airplanes.

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